what’s on my desk – 11.12.08

IMG_0770 by you.

In the pre-holiday spirit, I decided to bust out some more of my Amy Butler scraps and make a couple more mousepads. I really love this pattern, because while it’s cherry/cream colors scream CHRISTMAS, it’s not overtly celebrating the holidays and could easily be pulled out again at other times in the year.

And while I was making it, I thought that I’d share the love that you’ve all shared with me, and give a little goodie-bag out to a lucky reader. I noticed the other day that I now have over 200 subscribers (212 as of today!) and I was shocked/honored/loved/delighted and wanted to celebrate by giving back! I’ll choose one lucky commenter (@ random) on this thread to get this mousepad along with a couple other fun lovely things in the mail!

To make this quite easy, just leave a comment with your favorite winter/holiday libation…. be it eggnog, hot cocoa or a peppermint martini! :) I’ll pick the winner on Friday morning!


  • skeeta25

    MMMMMMMMMM. Just thinking of PEPPERMINT BARK makes me smile. I first found had this when my office used to get it as gifts from our clients. I haven’t had it since I left a couple years ago so I decided to find a recipe and make some myself this year- with white chocolate. I think Im going to give it to everyone- even our UPS guy!

  • srh

    I think my favorite winter drink is actually an eggnog milkshake — mostly because once a year a local restaurant has them for one day and they give all the proceeds to a charity I work with.

  • Kim

    (I actually made myself an Amy Butler mousepad after I saw the first one you posted about!) I love me some deviled eggs… We always make them for a holidays and they are one of my favorite things! Yum!

  • Kimberly B.....

    My favorite is white chocolate peppermint candy that my cousin in law showed me how to make…….you smash peppermint candy finely in a plastic bag, melt white chocolate chips via a double boiler, then mix them together, spread flat or into shapes, put in the Fridge until it thickens and it makes a delicious peppermint whitte chocolate candy. I also love wrapping xmas presents and sending out xmas cards……….I just love this time of year in general.

  • Amy

    Caramel Apple Cider from Starbucks…yum! I need to figure out how to make it myself, I’m pretty sure it’s just steamed apple juice and caramel sauce.

  • Carrie =)

    I love adding eggnog to my coffee in the mornings instead of my usual vanilla. It just smells like the holidays and makes it seem so wintery…even in sunny Orange County!

  • Sarah

    I LOVE the eggnog my aunt makes. I don’t know how she does it, but it’s the most perfect eggnog I’ve ever had. It’s great with or without liquor! ;)

  • Laura

    two things…
    1. peppermint bark! everytime i make it people ask for the recipe and are shocked it is just melted chocolate with crushed peppermint, ha.
    2. gingerbread house :) i make one after thanksgiving and then we all crash into it on christmas. it still tastes so good and the nieces love it!

  • Chrissie

    A drink an old bf taught me – half coffee, half hot chocolate with just a smidge of vanilla ice cream. So good, and the perfect winter treat! :0

  • rksquared

    That is just one of the Amy Butler fabrics I am considering for our Christmas stockings and (if I’m feeling ambitious) a new tree skirt. I *heart* Amy.

    As for my favorite libation…in the cold north, anything to heat my insides is a good thing. Hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps or some Bailey’s, or for the n/a days (there are a few) a little sprinkle of cayenne on top of the HC is delish! Oh, and don’t forget the hot apple cider…mmmmmm!

  • Steph

    My top 3 hot winter drinks:
    1. I love anything mint chocolate, so peppermint hot cocoa or mocha
    2. Pumpkin lattes (I don’t like Starbucks version but a local upscale grocery store makes them with pumpkin pie filling and vanilla flavoring, delicious)
    3. Spiced cider with a cinnamon stick