camera upgrades

Digital cameras = everyone’s best friend these days. And while they seem to get fancier and niftier, the price points all pretty much stay the same. But maybe this holiday season, you could get yourself a new camera for less than 1/2 the price of a new one?? If you happen to have an old Canon lying around, then you might be able to capitalize on a great deal!

If you own any of the following models of Canon cameras, you can upgrade your camera to a new model for a fee much smaller than the cost of a new camera.

If you own an S10, S30, S40, S45, S50, S60, S100, S200, S230, S300, S330, S400,
S410, S500, SD100, SD110, SD200, SD400, SD550, SD600, SD630, SD700-IS,
SD800-IS, SD1000, S1-IS, S2-IS, G2, G5
you can trade it for a: SD850 IS – $150, G9 – $359, Rebel XT Silver with 18-55 mm lens – $299 

If you own an A40, A60, A70, A75, A80, A95 A510, A520, A530, A540, A610 you can trade it for a(n): A560 – $89, SD1000 – $100, SX100 IS – $125

A400 trades for:  A460 – $79, A560 – $89, SD750 – $100

SD10 trades for: SD40 – $100, SD850 IS – $150, G9 – $359

The only catch is your camera needs to be broken when you send it in… so you might want to start carrying it around in your purse w/o it’s case? And you do need to pay tax + $10 for 2-day shipping…

For more info, you can call the Customer Loyalty Program at 866-443-8002. And you can find more info here as well!


  • janie

    Dude you are so genius! Where do you come up with stuff like that? And it’s a great thing I still have all my old broken cameras! CANON LOVER HI FIVE! * wapshhhh*

  • Julie

    I had NO IDEA. Wow! I reeeeeeeeeeeeally wanted to get a dSLR at some point, but the price was prohibitive considering I was just going to do it for “fun”… but… I have a broken camera at home! Sure, a Rebel XT isn’t as new or as nice, but for $300?! What a great camera to teach myself on, and then several years down the road, I can upgrade to something nicer! (By then, maybe the XT can be traded in?!) THANK YOU THANK YOU for sharing!!