martha’s tree in a box

While her line at KMART isn’t exactly a tree in a box, it’s pretty close to it. And this year’s collection of decorations lives up to its name, with amazing trees and decorations. I’m particularly enamored with all of the bows and tree swag… if only I could decide on just one collection!

I’ve only indulged in a wreath from the “First Snowfall” collection so far… mainly because I’m too indecisive about which collection/colors I liked the most! They’re all so fun and reasonably priced… it’s so hard to make up one’s mind when you’re decorating for your first real Christmas!

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  • mary

    You know, we have a (junky) KMart here in town and I always forget to go in and check out Martha’s seasonal goodies. Thanks for the nudge…I’m going to make a point of it this week!