holiday cards idea #1: buy a template

Time to get out the address list and start addressing your cards! :)

If you’re going to get photo cards this year, chances are that you’ll order them on a template and get them printed through a local or online store.
You might be able to greatly reduce the cost of your cards, and get something uber-cute by purchasing a photocard template and making your own card!

Here are some of my favorites that I happened upon at designerdigitals twopeasinabucket and oscraps:

You could then print out the image on photo paper like a normal print or on a card! Shutterfly ($.65), Vistaprint (on cardstock for around $0.23), Mpix ($.42), Winkflash ($0.23/card w/envelope) and others all offer 4×8 printing for the wide sizes, and almost everyone offers 5×7 prints!

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  • Jenny Louwheeze

    I can’t wait to start getting cards in the mail! We’re sending ours out this week, my first Christmas card ever… I guess you gotta join the bandwagon the year you get married :)