an LED christmas

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This year will be the first that Mr. M and I will have a real Christmas tree. You know, the kind that requires actual “normal” sized lights… not the mini ones. :)

Step one of tree decorating is always the lights… and since we had none of our own, we needed to get out there in buy them in bulk. We waited until the Black Friday sales hit and headed to Target to buy their 60-light strings of LED globe lights. We bought 3 strings of multi-colors and 3 strings of “soft white” bulbs as well. Then… we headed to Target and bought 2 50-light strings of bright blue!  Our tree will no doubt be colorful before a single ornament is hung!

Now other than the power saving benefits of LED lights (it’ll cost a whole $0.17 to power them until Christmas), and the fire safety element, there’s also the added benefit of being able to string 40+ strands together end-to-end! We could have quite a bright tree if we keep adding our strands together!

So, did anyone else make the LED light jump this year, or last?!?


  • StefK

    We did, indeed! We have a bazillion tons of ornaments and lights and stuff, but it’s all in storage. This year, we decided to buy a small strand of LED lights and a tiny, live tree. The LED lights are SO bright! I love em.

  • Jen

    We made the leap! We did all of our outside lights LED last year but after a ton of debating and shopping, we ended up getting a pre-lit tree which has traditional lights. As soon as they burn out, we’ll switch the strand for LED’s, though!

    All of our outdoor and additional indoor lights are LED – they are so nice!

  • mary

    I have not made the switch to LED yet…we still have strings and strings of our old lights and I don’t want to toss them! But maybe we’ll try some for the outside of our house. I’m so excited to start decorating!