holiday card idea #2: sew!

I’ve made both of these “Martha” cards in years years past, and as always, her designs were very impressive, but also easy to do! The snowman buttons can be “pre sewed” and simply glued onto the card to make the job really quick. But I warn against using that trick with the ribbon… as the glue can quickly break the needles you’re using. Instead, glue down areas of the ribbon where you won’t be sewing, or try holding down the edges with removable scotch tape while you sew!

I still have friends comment… “remember the year that Kim sewed her holiday cards???” (I think it was 2001) so I know they’ll be a hit for you as well!

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  • Cathleya

    Gorgeous! I love the simplicity… while at the same time the cards seem complex. Ok I dont really know what I’m talking about. But you know what I mean. Or not.