what kind of house do i want?

WInchester House gingerbread detail (9692) by ehoyer.

I would love to make a gingerbread house this year… but I’m unsure of what kind of house I’d like to make. Should it be a home that GingerBread men & women would live in? Or a replica of a home I already know (like ours, or our parents houses) ? Or maybe just something that looks pretty but has no significance whatsoever?

Whatever I decide, I’ve got my big cardboard box ready to cut up for the template and meringue powder ready for the thick royal icing. Our kitchen counter surface area is “too big” not to create one this year!

Gingerbread House Tabletop Decoration

Of course, I could fail the challenge and buy this guy to reuse every year. But it’s just not messy & frustrating enough for me.

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