Vancouver, eh?

In April, I get to travel north for a conference presentation and take a little “mini vacay” in the process. Where am I headed this year?

I’m off to beautiful Vancouver!

Despite having family roots in the area (it’s where both my Grandmother & Grandfather L grew up after leaving England as young kids), I’ve never made it over our northern borders. And my mom is jumping in on the fun as well… with her first trip to the city as well! Things worked out pretty well last time when we escaped to Chicago and Notre Dame on our own, so we’ll hope this adventure is just as much fun!

And as complete Canadian neophytes, I’d love any suggestions you might have for food/fun/activities/etc. to take advantage of on the trip! We’re staying at downtown and will have most of Saturday and Sunday to play, Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning as well.

Huge kudos to anyone who can suggest an amazing sushi spot that also has great cooked food (for mom!) as well!


  • Laura

    I can’t wait to see what kind of comments you get on this since there is a good chance that I might be visiting Vancouver at the end of May. My husband has a conference there and I might tag along. It looks like a beautiful city and I’m really interested on learning some more about it!

  • Rycrafty

    I’ve spent a lot of time in Vancouver, but usually either visitng grandparents on the edge of the city, or as a poor intern. The one restaurant recommendation I can come up with though is Vij’s. A-MAZING modern curry. Delicious! The last time I went, they didn’t take reservations, so you needed to get there early to get in and get a table right away, but there’s also a great lounge to wait in.
    You need to spend some time wandering Granville Island, that’s one of my favourite parts! Maybe walking the seawall in Stanley Park if it’s a nice day and you like long walks?

  • Liz

    We were there for the end of last year.

    Check out Burnaby Mountain Park for awesome views of the city. Horizons is the restaurant at the park and it has amazing Cioppino. Best I’ve ever had and I was raised in Monterey.

    Another cool find was Capilano Suspension Bridge:

  • Kate

    LOVE Vancouver. I second Rycrafty’s recommendation of Granville Island. The public market is always our first stop to load up on cheese, bread, fruit, and snacks for the trip. (And the macarons at the bakery right outside are to die for).
    Stanley Park is my second favorite part of the city. As for food check out Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe for Breakfast and Bishop’s for dinner – both in Kitsilano. And you’ll probably want to try Japadog – just for the experience.

    We usually go in May, so I’m not sure how the temps will be on Grouse Mountain – but I’m sure the grizzlies will be out and romping about!