stefanie got some balls!


So guess who went crazy and followed Eddie’s tutorial?!? :) Stefanie just left this comment over on the ornament wreath thread, and I just “had” to share her awesomeness with everyone else! I’ll be sure to update this post with a link to her blog post about it as well!

I think I might be hopping by Safeway on my way home today… unless I happen to visit the one you already cleaned out! So so awesome… and I’m so giddy that you shared the prettiness with me!



  • StefK

    Yay! Thanks so much! I’m thrilled to see my balls posted on your blog!! wow! :) I’m going to give it to my mom tomorrow at our xmas gathering, so I’m going to wait to blog about it until after that (I swear, she checks my blog every couple of minutes). Guess what though? They’re shatter-proof (plastic) for one! I was pretty excited about that. Oooh, and they have packages of green(s) and silver(s) too. I used 5 packages (4, plus part of the fifth). Thanks again SO much for the idea!

  • Julie

    I made one last night, too! But the CVS was pretty cleared out, so mine has some GIANT balls on it, which kind of distorts the shape. And I broke about 6 ornaments in the process. As my husband said when he came home and found the wreath (and few remaining shards of glass)… maybe it’s a sign that Jews just shouldn’t be making Christmas wreaths. Sigh. I guess I’ll need to find a Gentile to gift mine to….

  • talda

    did both you ladies find the weight of all the balls kind of distorted the shape of the wire? that’s what i’m a little worried about. i haven’t gone out to try this out yet but i did show my sister the picture and she rolled her eyes and called me “ms. martha stewart.” she says it as if that’s a bad thing! lol.

    • StefK

      All my balls were plastic, and on the “normal” (read: small) side, but my wreath was still distorted to a bit of an oval. I’m not really sure what I could do differently…I guess I’d try to find a more firm wire hanger. I just grabbed one out of the closet from dry cleaning days. I probably could have found a stiffer one if I’d thought of it. Next time!

  • Julie

    If you use normal sized balls, I think you’ll be fine. Mine got heavy in the end because I wound up with these gigantic (like, grapefruit-sized) balls but even then, it didn’t really pull on the wire too much, it just distorted the shape because it fills up the inside of the wreath more in some places than others, so it doesn’t look like a perfect circle. Weight wise, it is heavy, but the circle has held up well — mine is basically a perfectly round circle, as opposed to an oval.