p365: January 3, 2009

[my first posted Project365 picture! I’ll be posting them at least 2x a week… and sharing little stories for the photos that demand them]

We made a visit to the local county landfill today to empty our garage of the vast piles of cardboard we had accumulated in our garage in the past couple months. We usually just limit our visit to the recycling bins at the gates, but today we had some styrofoam and other waste in bags that needed to go away as well, so we paid our small fee and headed to the “trash” area.

“Out of sight, out of mind,” came quickly to our mouths… and the rotten smell on our shoes was enough to remind us to waste less, buy bio-degradable materials, and remember where trash really goes. I only got to snap one photo, since I was informed that I needed the county’s permission to take more. I’m glad it captured a little bit of everything … and it’s a good memory to keep when my hands get tired of breaking down boxes in the future.