a last minute birthday shirt…

On Friday night, my ability to procrastinate had expired and I sat down to finally make Miss L’s birthday shirt for the very next day. Luckily for me, making an appliqued shirt was so incredibly easy that I only needed to spend time and a little tiny bit of late night brain power to accomplish the task.



I purchased a digitized 2nd birthday cupcake embroidery design from GG Designs Embroidery online for a whole $3.50, and transferred it to my sewing machine via USB cord.



From there, it was just a matter of picking out fabrics from the scrap pile along with matching thread and following the very explicitly written directions. From there, you just need to know when to place down the fabric pieces, and when to take out the embroidery hoop and trim the fabric and when to change threads. Momma L was sitting with me while I was doing it, and she was pretty much in awe of how easy the entire process was.

So, about 30 minutes after starting the whole process, I had this lovely birthday shirt to show for my button pressing skills!



If you want to jump into the fun world of applique, all you need is a sewing machine with embroidery capabilities and a way to receive digital files. (I have this Brother sewing machine – it has a 4×4 embroidery hoop) Then you can visit fun stores like Planet Applique, GG Designs, The Itch 2 Stich & Lynnie Pinnie and download designs to your hearts content!