get your disney on: villains & cindy & babies oh my!


That good ‘ol cheeky/creative t-shirt source, Threadless, is currently selling a collection of Disney Villains merchandise just in time for your Halloween needs or next park visit! I was never a big Villains fan until I got to “be” a villain, and then I opened up a soft spot in my heart for their valuable place in cartoon movie lore. I think that Wreck-It Ralph will be a great movie flip on loving the bad guy :)

For the opposite of wickedness, you can opt for some glitz!

Disney Cinderella Collection - Compact Mirror
Disney Cinderella Collection - So This Is Love… Disney Cinderella Collection - Storylook Eyeshadow Palette

Sephora has a limited edition “Cinderella” collection out to celebrate the release of the new Blueray disc. I’m quite enchanted with the mini nail polish set… but any collection with blue & gold will do that to this girl.

If you’re looking for the cutest Disney baby gift ever, may I present to you these personalized gems:

Mickey Mouse Disney Cuddly Bodysuit Set for Baby - PersonalizableMickey Mouse Disney Cuddly Bodysuit Set for Baby - Personalizable


Minnie Mouse Disney Cuddly Bodysuit Set for Baby - PersonalizableMinnie Mouse Disney Cuddly Bodysuit Set for Baby - Personalizable

Woody Disney Cuddly Bodysuit Set for Baby - PersonalizableWoody Disney Cuddly Bodysuit Set for Baby - Personalizable

At $19.95 (and personalized!!!), these “cuddly bodysuit sets” are just too darn cute to pass up for friends and family alike! They are rumored to run small though, so order up!

And finally, while on the lookout for Halloween costumes, I often get pretty darn upset at the whole “plastic picture of character plastered on dress” aspect of lots of Disney licensed costumes. It’s just, well, distracting and ugly and silly. I know you’re Ariel. I don’t need to see a picture of Ariel on her own outfit to know that it’s made and officially licensed by Disney! That would be why it took so much time and effort and searching to find Miss L’s Alice dress last year!

So when I happened upon these baby/toddler costumes I was quite shocked at how “plain” and perfect they were.

I happened to find all of these on the Toys R Us website (online only), so grab them up quickly before October 31st gets here!