argh…. tough morning…

photo.jpg by you.

Not going to lie… today is rough. The first day back to work after our winter holiday, and everyone is off on a slow note. We’ve got a major report release happening tomorrow, so we had a quick shakeup with a press call, but otherwise everyone is running “catch-up” and trying to remember all the things we left on the desk on December 23rd.

I bought new coffee and creamer at Target on my way into work… and so far I’ve managed to finish off the pot all by myself. At least I’m sticking to my “the only coffee I’ll purchase is that which I make myself” resolution… but this may lead to an increase in work consumption.

Here’s hoping that tomorrow starts off better! Or at least that the exercise I’ll get from running the capitol stairs will decrease my need for caffeine in the morning!

Hope your return from vacation (if you had one/took one) isn’t as painful as mine is today!