it feels like time for a cleanse

Somehow the holidays have this way of leaving you feeling bloated, tired and weary when the new year rolls around… I blame the hot cocoa but I’m sure it’s probably overconsumption of everything in sight and a plentiful supply of candy that has done me in. Either way, I’m thinking strongly about starting off the new year on a strong foot… especially since we’ll need all the energy we can muster for our trip at the start of February.

The lovely Gweneth sent along her week-long cleanse diet and tips in this week’s GOOP, and it looks quite yummy to try! I think I’m overly tempted by the coconut water requirements, because I love me some Vita Coco!! I might pass on the Beet, Carrot, Apple and Ginger Juice though…. or just totally forget about the beets?

I might just have to try this out next week and see what happens! Is anyone else starting off the new year with a cleanse/healthy eating/etc???


  • Cathleya

    I am oddly a beet fanatic (hello weirdo) but I hesitate to do beets at home because they are totally stain-tastic. Trader Joes actually sells pre cooked beets that arent canned but like… vacu-sealed, which is pretty awesome, but I don’t know why I’m telling you this because clearly your tone hints that you are not as crazy about beets as I am. Hehe.

    The cleanse sounds great! We actually have to “cleanse” the refrigerator first of all our leftovers. Then perhaps we can get on to it :)

    Shall we group cleanse?

  • brooke @ claremont road

    I am a picky eater so it’s hard for me to commit to any kind of “cleanse” that involves the likes of beets (ick) or coconut water (double ick), so I am just doing my best to get back on the exercise train and not eat so much crap. That should be easier without Christmas goodies everywhere I turn! I just want to get somewhat close to my wedding weight…. which is 7 pounds lighter than my current weight :-(

  • StefK

    I’m with Brooke…just eager to be back at the wedding weight (which is more than 7 pounds lighter than my current weight. Dang Brooke, you did not take advantage of Honeymoon desserting like I did, I guess =/ ). But yeah, I like to say that “I’m back on the wedding dress diet” which is basically me hoping to be several pounds lighter. And exercise a bunch more. We’ll see how it goes. Good luck with the cleanse.

  • violarulz

    try carrot, apple, ginger and lime. It may not be as cleanse-y, but it’s good! I could drink buckets of it…. Now I want to buy a fruit-fucker, I mean juicer.

    my new years thing (which is really just a coincidance) is that in December I started packing bento lunches and starting this sunday, the dude and I are meeting with a personal trainer at the gym we just joined. Slimmer wallet = slimmer waist?

    • kimberly michelle

      LIME! Oh I think I could do that just fine! And congrats on the bento boxes and workout routine! I’ve always craved a bento lunch, but perhaps just for the containers? It’s so healthy and planned out … adore it!

  • mary

    You know, I’m sortakindaOKreally in the mood for a cleanse. I’ve head great things about Blueprint cleanse ( but it’s a bit pricey. I’m curious to hear how it goes if you try this one!