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Take a note from the success of the HBO series last night at the Golden Globes, and put John Adams on your reading list this year (if you haven’t had a chance to read it yet). I may be a bit biased in my love for this biography, due to my extreme admiration for those who honorably turn to public service… but trust me that the love story is worth the read as well!

It was the first book I noticed in Mr. M’s library when we started dating, as I was beginning to read 1776 during that time and still held the Pulitzer Prize winner as one of my favorite books. Needless to say I was delighted that we shared a small literary bond. As you can tell, we’ve each roughed up our copies during the read, but it’s all in love and admiration.

And then after you read the book, you can jump into the DVD version… so says the former teacher in me. :)


  • Girlonthepark

    Hee! This just totally reminded me of the Clone High episode where they’re calling in the student for brainwashing or something and they’re calling off the names:
    “John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Samuel Adams, Abigail Adams. Geez, there sure are a lot of Adamses!”
    Anyway, thank you for the post. I was looking for something to read and I think this one might hit the spot! :)

  • Kimberly B.....

    Thanks for the tip! I sat through the entire 3 hours watching the Golden Globe and will probably watch more HBO series.

  • mary

    My husband and I sat breathlessly through the HBO series…it was, to say the least, UNbelieveable. In every way.

    He’s reading the book now, and was a huge fan of 1776, too.