why you should keep your old toys

IMG_1033 by you.

I think my nephew Gavin was really really happy this weekend that Mr. M decided to hold on to all of his Transformer’s toys… even though most of the old school characters look different in the new movie.

Now if only Teddy Ruxpin would come back into vogue by the time we have kids … then we’d really be the coolest parents of all time!


  • Heidi

    My parents stored most of my childhood toys in their basement. They were pleasantly surprised when they were digging around a few years ago and found all of my old TMNT action figures. My nephew was just getting into turtle mania (who knew it would make a comeback?) and he thought it was the coolest thing to have all the original toys.

    • kimberly michelle

      I really think everything is bound for a comeback — maybe ThunderCats and My Little Pony’s are next? I saw those weird icky gross-out bouncy balls the other day from back in the Garbage Pail Kids days in Target… so who knows!

      • Lori

        I did see My Little Pony at the store over Christmas when I was shopping for my niece. What I ended up getting her was a Cabbage Patch Kid. I couldn’t resist since that was something I loved growing up.

  • erin

    I just visted my grandparents and we shipped back a TON of wooden toys my grandpa built, that my sister and I used to play with when we were little. They bring back such good memories, and are good strong sturdy toys (like trucks, trains, etc.). Can’t wait for my kids to play with them someday.
    My hubby’s parents recently brought down his John Deer tractors and Catepillar trucks from when he was a boy-so cute to have that stuff to pass down!

  • talda

    most of my toys were well played with, including the teddy ruxpin that had his eye poked in by one of my mom’s friend’s sons. i think it was henry. after all these years i still can’t believe i remember that. and now i’m getting upset all over again!

    but i had a lot, tmnt, he-man, teddy ruxpin, a bunch of barbies, popples, the original care bears. they bring back lots of toys but they always ruin them by updating them. like changing the icons on some of the care bears’ tummies!

  • Darren

    yes! i’m definitely thankful i held on to my transformers toys that my kids now can appreciate. i hope thundercat comes back on too. that was an awesome cartoon series!