what is your “ultimate” event?

This afternoon, I visited Ticketmaster’s website with a general curiosity as to how much Super Bowl tickets were selling for in this lovely fiscal climate.

And I quickly got my answer…

Tickets in Section 329 (THE tippy TOP), Row Z (probably the last row, unless there’s AA or something) = $1552 each.

Lovely. Guess we won’t be making the 2 hour drive to Tampa for a little NFL action next Sunday… *chuckles to herself*

Some people spent insane amounts to attend the inauguration in DC, others to see a concert (or go on an NKOTB cruise), and still many more for sporting events.

With prices at insane levels… what event would you almost pay anything to attend???


    • talda

      jenna i’m so with you! and i’m also bummed to say i missed my chance when they previewed the show in sf before heading to broadway. i just never had the time to check it out! ugh.

      now i can’t even find an affordable pair for the touring show. what kind of luck is that? sigh.

  • Julie

    15 years from now, I would, hands down, without blinking an eye, throw down $1500 to watch the Steelers play in the Superbowl. No question. Hell, if the Superbowl was in DC and I didn’t have to pay travel costs, I’d probably do it RIGHT NOW. Once I am out of graduate school and my husband is done with residency and we are making serious money, there is absolutely nothing that would stop me from going to the Superbowl.

    This year, my husband paid $700 to watch the Phillies in the World Series. I went along because it was a great experience, but I would much rather pay twice that to watch the Steelers in the championship!