carried away by mickey & co.

See that yellow Mickey Mouse shirt that “Carrie” is wearing under her white tuxedo jacket in Episode 78 of S&TC?? I’m not going to lie ……. I ran to Fred Segal the day after this episode aired in July 2003 to buy the identical shirt from Fred Segal Fun. I had just ended an exhausting year of teaching the week before and needed a serious dose of cheer.

And you know what… it worked! I even bought a tuxedo jacket to pull off the full copy-cat impression – oh yes I did! And while that shirt is definitely past its prime and nicely shrunk to fit an 8-year-old child… I still love it and wish that Disney had more products like their “Vintage” line.

Disney Vintage Alice Mama Cass vt.blackDisney Vintage Bambi Cap Slv Tunic bananaDisney Vintage Snow White Mama Cass eggplan

In preparation for our trip to Disney World, I’m thinking about making some of my own “vintage” shirts… rather than paying $55 for these or $22 for a not-so-awesome one at the parks. Cause life is just a bit more fun when you play along…