2009 random adventures: the zoo

On Sunday, since the rain had magically disappeared from both the sky and the weather forecast, Mr. M and I headed over for an early morning trip to the Zoo.

I can say with certainty that we were probably the only guests without small children to walk around the grounds… but then again, the zoo was pretty empty at 10am. We didn’t mind too much, as we wandered around all the exhibits and took our time watching the monkeys and tigers play.

The flamingos were, as always, an unnatural pink color that just seems so out of place in the dead of winter. They seemed pretty grumpy about the weather as well — I’m sure they prefer the 100+ degree days of summer.

I liked this little one-eyed burrowing owl… he was just so small and adorable.

And who doesn’t love an anteater’s hoofs? Or their toungues for that matter??

Needless to say, the zoo left us itching for a return trip and more animal watching trips in the future… good thing we’re going to see lots of them next week!

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