Day 8: leaving the magic kingdom

Saturday morning marked the end of our trip to Florida, but since checkout was at 11am and our flight was at 3pm, we got an early jump on the day and hopped over to the Magic Kingdom one last time.

IMG_1408 by you.

Before we left our room, Mr. M assembled our towel animals from housekeeping on our window sill for a group photo. We also had a lovely “towel Mickey” on our bed when we arrived the first night. :)

My real reason to hop back to the park was to see “PhilharMagic” — a 3-D show that had been closed for maintenance the entire length of our trip.

DSC01872 by Lori0628.

The show was great and had us wanting to revisit all of the modern cartoon musicals… and wanting to see more Disney figures animated with CGI.

I also convinced Mr. M that we need to go on the Winnie the Pooh ride to see which version was better…

IMG_1411 by you.

I liked WDW’s better… Mr. M preferred the huffalumps & woozles of Disneyland’s.

Disney - Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor Sign by Express Monorail (°O°Joe).

We also went to pay one more visit to the Monsters, INC. Laugh Floor. Hosted by the lovely Mike Wozowski, it’s an interactive comedy show that uses the same technology as Turtle Talk to animate REAL characters and interact with the audience. What’s even better, is that you can text in jokes and the monsters just might tell them at the end of the show! And guess what? My joke got picked!! :)  Minor accomplishment, but still a fun way to end the trip no less!

Before we left, I reminded Mr. M that I wanted to learn about topiary art:

IMG_1412 by you.

… he shot me a “you’re insane!” look, so I guess I’ll hold off on that for a bit.

Then we took one last longing look at the castle… in the warm sunlight, and guzzled down our first frozen beverage purchase of the trip…

IMG_1413 by you.

… and headed back to the hotel to catch our Magical bus to the airport and back home…

[the end]