weddings ruined colored candy for me

That’s right. Weddings ruined colored candy for me. Perhaps I shouldn’t lay all of the blame on weddings, but rather just the idea of a candy buffet. Normal candies transformed into wondrous displays of color… all yellows, or greens, or reds… And now for some reason I have an insane wanting to color separate all of my candy as well?

Exhibit A: One normal bag of plain Valentine M&Ms… purchased by my lovely coworker to replenish my candy supply

 photo.jpg by you.

EXHIBIT B: They’ve somehow managed to separate into their color groups… be it by magnetic force, or “magic” ?

photo.jpg by you.

EXHIBIT C: Vials of candy goodness… neatly sorted… ready for consumption on the top shelf of my bookcase.

photo.jpg by you.

p.s. if you’d like an M&M container that will really keep you from guzzling them down… try these vases from IKEA. The narrow spout really helps on portion control, so when you want a taste of chocolate, you can have 4 M&Ms rather than a handful. I say this because I think I accidentally inhaled 5 Kisses the other day in less than 10 seconds. It was not pretty.