a piece of MJ’s playland

As Mr. M can tell you, I’m a shopper of the n-th degree, in that I love to SHOP for just about everything. I may buy very little, but I do love the thrill of looking… which is why I adore looking through auction house catalogs. These magical little books dangle mysterious items in front of you that you’ll never be able to find anywhere else… and their pricetags usually leave you gasping for a big win in Vegas.
That’s why I’ve had so much fun glancing over Michael Jackson’s April auction house extravaganza. It’s like a tag sale on everything at Neverland, and a peek into just how much stuff he had in there!

Like character heads from Disneyland?

… or a custom made Peter-Tink-Captain Hook scene to sit in your rafters?

Perhaps you’d like to create your own super arcade? Or buy a throne? Either way… you’d be pretty set with the contents of this auction… which are a strange mix of gilded grandmotherly goods mixed with pure whimsy. It also makes you realize that when you buy everything in sight, you might just spend all of your money…

The auction is April 22nd-25th (in the old Robinson’s May building on Wilshire) and you can see the catalogs for yourself, as well as register to bid on that wonderful throne, at Julien’s Actions.