it’s just cake

Aside from my wedding dress, my favorite “element” of our wedding was our cake. It was to die for in every single way: color, design, smell (I thought the people at the closest table were going to dive for it), and most of all taste!

We had no option in selecting our cake baker, as our hotel dictated the strict terms that we must go with Marina Sousa of Just Cake. OK, fine, bind our hands and make us do it… not like she wasn’t responsible for Brad & Jen’s cake… or was 3-0 in Food Network Challenge victories or anything! Plus the cake just happened to be the yummiest I’ve ever tasted (my dad even ate all of his pieces, and he’s so not a cake man!) so the decision was easy to accept.

Here’s a photo of our cake, which I still drool over each time I see it:

(I guess Marina loved it too… since it’s the spotlighted photo within her online portfolio!!! Wow!)

In her latest Food Network Challenge, she had the chance to bake a cake for Miley Cyrus’ 16th Birthday party at Disneyland. The episode just aired last week… and it’s no surprise that Marina won yet again!

And all this does is make me crave an occasion to have yet another one of these masterpieces! Or maybe just tag along on someone’s tasting…