the rainbow overwhelmed me

We have a yard. We have planting beds in the front & back yards. And we are not gardeners. But we will try.

We received the Burpee catalog in the mail, albeit a bit late to ideally start planting everything, but boy is it enticing. We also have seedlings started in the windowsill, with annuals and perennials waiting to be planted in a few weeks. And if I want to go completely insane, I may just try my hands at growing something to consume in our garden… or just wait for mid-summer and plant lots of pumpkin seeds instead.

Tonight I think I’m going to map out a plan… narrow down my choices, and plot them in the garden, and I’ll see what our garden may look like in July! Our first seedlings will be ready to go in the ground next week, which means I’ll have window sunlight to grow 72 more little plants!

Anyone else with dirt who is getting ready for planting season? (which, by my definition, lies conveniently at the end of March Madness when I need to be home all weekend, but have some hours of daylight to spare)


  • erin

    We just weeded/trimmed our garden/yard and I do have space to plant a few more things, but I also have a canine tiller-she digs up everything that’s freshly planter. Her favorite things to pull out of the ground are my freshly planted border flowers. Sigh. I’d build raised beds, but I think that’s more work than I’m willing to do for our rental.