who watches the watchmen? you?

will you be watching the watchmen?

I’m sure we’ll try our best to see it this weekend, since I desperately owe Mr. M some movie time. And this review actually gets me really excited for a cinematic treat, although I’ll need to bring lots of candy & soda in order to survive the 3 hour run time!

I have a feeling that this one will quickly be added to the “must-buy blueray” list immediately following the showing as well.


  • Michelle

    Can I come? I keep teasing Chris that I am going to go see it. He can’t due to his work schedule but he read the book a while back and loved it. I want to go see it partly just so I can tease him about it but I don’t want to go alone!

  • Tina

    I’d love to see it! I love the Smashing Pumpkins song that plays during the trailer. Hopefully I’ll get my hands on the graphic novel first before seeing the movie.

  • kimberlysue

    did you ever get to see it? it’s so so so so good! i was dreading going to the midnight premiere because i was so tired, but i couldn’t be any happier that i went and saw it =D