clever seed disguise

IMG_1144 by you.

I’ve been toiling through my seed catalogs (nothing too exotic this year… if things grow, then I’ll go crazy over the $$ stuff next season) and trying my best to make sense of what we can grow in the garden. I have to say that the teaser plants on the outside of the Burpee catalog got my heart racing at the idea of these pretty pink & white Cosmos flowering everywhere. Yet, at nearly $5, I decided to circle them and move on… perhaps finding a lovely substitute at the local stores.

And guess what? Sean Conway’s seed line (most obviously packaged by Burpee themselves) carries the exact same ones! While my packets only have 25+ seeds in them (as opposed to 50), it still saves the time & cost of shipping, so that’s worth it to me in the end!  There were many other Burpee seeds from the catalog available at a lower price as well, but it was nice to see these fancier ones included. Thanks again, Target, for giving me exactly what I needed!