good thing I’m trying to hydrate

Yesterday I woke up a bit late, and definitely hit snooze a couple of times before attempting to rouse from bed. I thought it was just the loss of an hour of time from the day before, that is until I stood up and tried to plod over into the bathroom. Suddenly, as I reached for the shower knob to turn on the water, I realized I was sick. And not just a wee bit sick, but run-over-with-a-mack-truck sick… and I reached for my iphone to call and send an email to work… and retreated under the covers.

When I woke up again, it was 1pm, meaning that my body was desperately in need of some peaceful recovery time. It was also in need of some serious hydration, which is always hard to do on a sicky day. I poured a little extra TrueLemon into my water and downed a 10 oz glass every hour… hoping that it would push me into “normal” mode by the next day. Mr. M came home early with a cornacopia of soup products, and I filled myself up with split pea goodness and applesauce.

Sure enough, I’m not feeling 100% today, but it’s a heck of a lot better than yesterday! I’m going to share my success with my glass of water… which I’m drinking again today, but this time it is warm (still with TrueLemon). Good thing I decided to try and hydrate more this month!!!


  • Carla

    I LOVE True Lemon. I use True Lime when I’m cooking or mixed drinks, but I have to send my mom to the commissary since I can’t find it in stores. If you ever have to call True Lemon directly, they have the best customer service. I had a small melt down when I was out.

  • Janet

    I don’t know if it counts, or if you like it, but I have found that drinking a Synergy Kombucha always makes me feel better when I’m sick! I hope you feel better soon!