who wants a big tv?

It all started around Christmas time, when our house was full of guests from one eve to another. Mr. M and I had gifted ourselves an enormous new TV for the “man cave” (aka. the loft – women are allowed in and it’s not cavernous) but had left it downstairs until we could find a wall mount to secure it properly in its new home.

It was at this time that all of our guests fell in love with it… including my grandmother & my parents. Grandma suddenly wanted the biggest TV you could buy, and my parents kept commenting upon their return home that an elf had “shrunken” the TV while they were away. I guess it’s just one of those products that, while it looks super neat and shiny in the store, it’s even more amazing when you actually sit down and spend a few hours watching it.

Yet, since this love affair began, no one had jumped out and made the big purchase. My parents had looked around at Costco & Best Buy, done some basic price comparisons, and read up on Consumer Reports, but still no purchase. And then… just one day after going out to look at TVs yet again… something strange happened.

My Dad was watching DIYnetwork (hmm… and you wonder where I get it from?) during breakfast and the program he was watching happened to feature a VIZIO TV. At the end of the show, they mentioned a website to visit for a chance to win your own 55″ 1080p LCD TV. He went to the computer, pulled up the website, and proceeded to fill out the entry form all by 8am.

At 4:30pm, he sent over an email, asking me to check out a legal document he had received. “It says I won a TV. I entered the contest, but it was only this morning. See if this is legit.”

And guess what? It was! By 9pm, his name was posted as a winner on their website, and once his legal forms are sent in, a brand new TV will be on its way to their house!

That’s one TV down… and just grandma to go!