the mini bathroom makeover!

Let’s be honest, the idea of fully renovating a bathroom for a new look is no one’s cheap and easy decor dilemma… but sometimes we just want something a little new and extra to make the room sparkle.
In our master bath, we chose to transform our bathtub area using  these super fun MIBO tile stickers!
photo.jpg by you.

They really look great, and were incredibly easy to slide onto the tiles and reposition as needed! Just add a bit of water to both the sticker and the tile, and smooth them right on! It’s exactly the touch of color that was needed over there, without exaggerating anything. And they happen to match our blue towels just perfectly!
But what other projects can you easily tackle in the bathroom without breaking the bank?

You can transform your large bathroom mirror into a framed masterpiece using MirrorMate frames! They attach to the surface of the mirror and are available in any size to custom fit your mirrors!

Stripe Shower Curtainlarge image view

You can buy a stylish shower curtain to dignify the space (left: Stripe Shower Curtain, West Elm, $39) right: BlissLiving Home Kew Green Shower Curtain, Bloomingdales, $99.99  ) …

[source:  design sponge]
And if all else fails, add some atypical lighting fixtures to the bathroom! Like a chandelier! It’s really easy to do if you  have recessed lighting already installed by using a can converter!
What are some other cheap bathroom decor options that you’ve seen and loved?