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all my chicks in a row

On Sunday, I headed down to Monterey to surprise my Dad on his birthday and stayed for an extra day — just because I had the luxury to do so. On Monday, I decided to gather up some materials for some good old fashioned crafttime with Mom, and we decided to try our hands at making some of the infamous Bakerella cake pops.

Armed with lemon cake mix, creamcheese frosting and yellow melting chocolate, we rolled and squished and dipped ourselves silly and ended up with these lovely little chicks in the end! Instead of a deep dip in the chocolate, I opted for a swirling method, so each of our chicks have a unique hairstyle to claim. In the end, they turned out super-de-duper cute and I hear that they’re a hit at my mom’s office.

If you like to make meatballs, these cake pops are easy as pie to create on your own! It’s more just the messy factor that gets in the way of all of it. :)