the [cheap &] easy Japanese dinner in…

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On Friday night, we had our own home sushi night. I made my favorite mango/krab/avocado home rolls (except I use lime juice and no mayo with the old recipe I remember), Mr. M made some yellowtail rolls for himself, and we both noshed on a favorite restaurant appetizer of yellowtail, jalepenos & ponzu. Sadly there were no photos to be captured, as we ate the sushi as we were making it, and subsequently made a mess of ourselves and the kitchen.

On Sunday, however, we still had some fresh salmon left over that we hadn’t eaten, so I decided to throw together a quick (& super cheap) meal to eat it up.

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First up: the indulgent Philly roll. Can you believe I didn’t like cream cheese (outside of cheesecake) until I started eating these things at the silly all-you-can-eat sushi restaurants? Crazy…

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Just one little piece of salmon made 3 rolls…

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And to go along with it… some dumplings & ponzu, edamame and miso soup. At the end of the meal we were stuffed… and all for $7, and we’ve got plenty of goodies to rinse and repeat again with another sushi roll of our choice!


  • Amy I.

    Do you do anything special to the rice and/or seaweed to prep it? I’ve always been intimidated to try making sushi but you made it look pretty easy :)

    • kimberly michelle

      Amy – making sushi is really really easy. The only part to really master is how much rice vinegar (vinegar w/sugar) you like in the rice… and cooling the rice off while you’re stirring it. It’ll take a couple of tries but that’s it! I’ll try and post some helpful links to share!

  • talda

    amy, i’m not sure about the rice [i think there is something that’s supposed to go on the rice, like rice wine vinegar and sugar or salt…] but for the seaweed you can buy already prepared nori so all you have to do is open the package and start rolling.

    my mom likes to toast her nori on the stove a little to make it crispy but that’s not a necessary step.

    but your dinner looks fabulous! makes me want some sushi now