a day in “the city” for my b-day

On Saturday, true to special occasions in our household, Mr. M told me to put on comfy shoes & clothes (sounds familiar huh?) and hijacked Saturday in the name of birthday fun. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but when we got to Berkeley and started for the bridge… I figured we were heading into my version of “the city” — San Francisco (as opposed to Mr. M’s NY “the city”).

First stop — lunch at The Slanted Door! We lucked out by grabbing some seats at the bar instead of enduring the wait, and noshed on carpacchio, crispy seafood noodles & some godly type of chicken that Mr. M ordered. I also became infatuated the amazing elderflower spritzers, and quickly moved the soda machine back to the top of the “totally want and totally don’t need” list of household objects.

With such a beautiful day ahead of us… we started walking up towards Chinatown & Union Square for some window shopping. I, of course, swooned over everything in the Kate Spade boutique and drooled past Camper (I have too many twins to mention), while Mr. M lusted after some serious Asian house decor.

I went into H&M to spy the Matthew Williamson looks, only to fall in love with the $249 jumpsuit in the collection. Knowing that would be a super super silly purchase, I walked out empty handed, despite Mr. M’s attempts to get me to buy a new hat.

Getting a bit weary from the walking we’d done, I sprinted ahead to get myself the most delicious drink on the planet: a vanilla ultimate ice-blended @ Coffee Bean. I shared the story of the first time I remember drinking this glorious concoction at the Beverly Hills CB… after enduring months and months of torture from the lovely Jen S. during my senior year of high school who spoke of the drink religiously. Whoever thought of throwing chocolate covered espresso beans in a drink deserves a medal of the  highest honor, seriously.

I quickly downed my vanilla loveliness (as Mr. M was rolling his eyes at my euphoria), and we hopped down south of Market to visit the SFMOMA. It was a nice day that was hardly crowded at all, and we got to take in lots of great art before the lack of natural light wore our eyes down. In search of more of a caffeine infusion, we headed back to the waterfront and ended up walking past the Cartoon Art Museum

… where I got to be a super villian for a couple of seconds…

Then it was back to the Ferry Building for some late afternoon nosh before we headed back inland. We filled up with 8 macaroons for the weekend, a loaf of bread, two hunks of cheese and a small little tasting cone of prosciutto for the road… and back we went!

We made a small little stop at Paper Source and C&B on the way back… but otherwise made it home just in time to put our feet up and kick back. It was a great little adventure to “the city” for my birthday… as once again Mr. M did pretty darn good with  his surprises…