happy birthday to me… the 29th time around

This unremarkable Monday happens to be the day of my birth, so I decided to celebrate by branding myself with a logo and checking bloggy things off a checklist that have been undone for quite some time: finishing my color scheme, making my own photoshop actions for my photos and a couple of random housekeeping items.

As for the clue, the photo from Friday was from my 24th birthday celebration, which was entitled, “Soy Sauce Un Perdedor” — an all you can eat sushi fest in Beverly Hills with the silliest of friends. And the frame had the new logo on it… so yes it was a very veiled attempt at foreshadowing, but at least I got it, right?

In honor of my birthday — I’ll ask that you all take a bit more time to enjoy your Monday … just for me!

Oh… and come back a little later and I might just have something to say “thank you” if you do that???