basse the bunny

I think our little bunny has found himself a name…. Basseterre.

Now before you go thinking I’m crazy and have an affinity for strange names, let me explain this one to you. I wanted to stick with our little family theme of city names… but was having trouble of finding something to match up with Memphis (our boston terrier). I didn’t want to pick a city where I’ve never been… and I wanted something with a nickname, since I rarely call anyone, let alone pets, by their full names (just ask my nephew, who mimics my “Memph” calls).

When we were playing around today, I got quite a few little bunny nudges indicating I was impeding the pathway hop-way in his pen, and I remarked aloud, “My aren’t we a bossy little bunny!”  And then…. Basse seemed like the perfect little nickname. Basseterre happens to be the capital city of St. Kitts & Nevis, where we honeymooned for 8 lovely days, so it’s not only a city I’ve been but also a city I love.

So there you go… Basse. Eat up all the paper scraps you want and enjoy your new name. Please forgive me if I call you “bunny” or “bun bun” or “silly rabbit” as well… because while you deserve a big fancy name, sometimes I just get lazy.


  • Debra

    I followed you over from Weddingbee (and Pengy) and I’m finally delurking to say that your bunny literally turned me into a puddle at my desk. I can’t handle his cuteness.

    Love your blog!

  • Kate

    Ooh, what delicious photos. Love it. Love the “bunny” label, too…it promises many more lusciously cute photos!

    So, I have a request…Can you write out a phonetic pronounciation of Mr. B’s name? I saw the pronounciation guide on Wikipedia, but I have always not been good at deciphering those. I just want to make sure I’m saying his name right when I squeal, “Oh, look at Basseterre’s new photos today!”