a hot date with the Giants

When it’s going to be 100+ degrees at home on a Saturday… an escape to the coast seems like the perfect getaway! Mr. M had gotten me his company Giants tickets for the Saturday game against the Mets, so I called my mom and asked her if she’d like to meet me “half way” and spend a day in San Francisco. Now, you can’t call me a “baseball fan” by any stretch of the imagination…. mainly because I pride myself on being a realy true b-ball and football fan… but there really is nothing better than spending a couple hours at the ballpark on a nice day and watching a game. And there’s no better place to watch a game than AT&T Park… even when it’s 88 degrees outside and barely a whisper of wind blowing off the ocean…

The day didn’t go well for the Giants, as the Mets struck early and kept the score too high for them to catch up in 9 innings. There were lots of hits though, and even a Giants home run to make the game exciting.

But then again, how can your day not be great, sitting in the shade… drinking a cold draft Stella… and eating macaroons. Ah… that’s the good life. Seriously!

Thanks again for the great day Mom (and enduring public transportation and bad parking garage attendents)… now you just need to come up for a Rivercats game with Fireworks!!!

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  • talda

    sounds like a great weekend to me. i was at the game friday night…wish that could have turned out better but that never puts a damper on my ritual 5th inning hot chocolate [now with churros!] with my best friend =)