exclusive EDITION from BR

On our visit to San Francisco on Saturday, I dragged my mom into the SF Galleria in search of a store that I thought might be open… and with a bit of luck it just happened to be their debut weekend! EDITION is Banana Republic’s new boutique accessories store, which is essentially houses affordable accessories within a high end boutique backdrop. There is no cash register, simply two desks with LCD screens and a scanner on them… the register and bags are all hidden in flush wall cabinets.

The whole point of the store is to play around with the accessories, unlike what you can normally do in a BR store where everything is under protective glass. My mom ended up buying a pretty gold coral necklace… and I got this wonderful rope headband (thanks again mom!). Luckily it’s easy to pass on delicious leather handbags when you’re sans-spending-money…but we’ll definitely be back for another visit soon.