sunday photo-outing with michelle

With the temperature forecast to hit 106 on Sunday, I wasn’t really sure what to do with my day.  I knew I didn’t want to sit inside… but also didn’t know where to drag myself for a few hours to enjoy the day. I thought I’d grab my camera and just explore the river a bit or something… and it turned out that my pal Michelle had the same idea. So we grabbed our cameras and headed to meet up in oldtown Folsom to grab some pictures.

As we were taking photos of flowers, I told Michelle that back in high school we’d get in trouble for taking photos of the roses. You see, our high school campus was covered with extremely well-manicured rose bushes, and if we had more than 3 photos of roses on our roll of film, it was revealed that we were “lazy” that week and had forgotten to finish our assignment and simply filled up our empty frames with snapshots before class. I just liked to play with the field of depth and the flowers… and I guess I still do today.

Michelle took some great photos as well (they’re posted here on her blog), and I got some nice rosy shoulders too from our outing. And it reminded me that I now own a digital camera with lots of memory… and just need to shoot as many photos as I can… and to be adventurous with my shots. I think these weekly photo outings need to be part of my routine a bit more often!