wacky wednesday photo #1

I figured I needed to share some more silliness here on my blog… since my own life thrives on it… hence the “wacky wednesday photo.”

The story behind photo #1:  Bay to Breakers – May 2006

Three former roomies: Audrey, me, Beth. I met Beth first at UCLA… she was one of my orientation roommates. Our other roommate was crazy, so we quickly bonded over that fact. I saw Beth around campus when we started in the fall, but only on rare occasions. I met Audrey at the end of my sophomore year, as we both had the crazy idea to join and recharter a sorority on campus. That summer, she roomed with Beth randomly in a frat house room. Junior year… Audrey and I live together in the sorority house. And then when we graduated, Audrey, Beth and I move across the 405 and switch “woods” from West to Brent. Lots of roommates at lots of different times. But all very fun times and never included in the “oh my god I had a crazy college roommate!” stories.

We were in San Francisco to celebrate Audrey’s law school graduation… which happened to coincide with the 2nd craziest annual street event in the city. Our plan was just to go watch, but being avid fans of seriously dressing up for date parties and movie premieres, we went in search of something that would work. Luckily the men’s underwear department at H&M held the solution…

I was naturally chosen to represent England, Beth’s trips to a ‘certain’ famous house at Lake Cuomo qualified her for Italy, and Audrey’s tan got the Brazil nod. And even though it was only 50 degrees out, we sported the full ensemble of H&M boxer briefs and undershirts up and down the streets at 7am. That OJ must have kept us really warm ;)