the secret menu?

which of these is not like the other?

Are you someone that orders from the secret menus that are available at different restaurants? I can proudly admit that I do it all the time… and only for the yummy result and definitely not the “cool factor.”

For example, my favorite Jamba Juice flavor: white gummi bear. It’s peachy/pineapple/raspberry/lime/mango goodness… and over the top sweet when you want more sugar than goodness in your smoothie.

And how do I order my fries at In N’ Out?  Well done… thank you very much. I rarely get a neopolitan milkshake anymore… but it was a favorite of mine back in the college days.

As for “short” coffees at Starbucks… I haven’t really gone there yet, but it seems like the perfect answer for pregnant caffeine urges!

Here’s the most recent blog entry on the “secret menus” … just in case you’ve read through this and are thoroughly confused. :)


  • Janet

    I love this! I had no idea (besides In N Out). The white gummy bear sounds so awesome right now. And the “short” is my favorite way to try the fun Starbucks holiday drinks without quite so many calories!

  • talda

    my fave at jamba is the pink starburst. so tart and tangy. mmm. but i didn’t know about fruity pebbles! i might have to try that out.

    and i’ve done the shorts at starbucks. i get it when i just don’t want that much coffee and it’s perfect for those moods. plus, cheaper!

  • Tina C.

    Speaking as a former Barista at Starbucks I might shy away from the Short if you’re pregnant…here’s why:

    Assuming you’re talking about a Short Mocha or Latte (since those are the most common drinks) You’re getting the same amount of caffeine (one shot of espresso) as a Tall Mocha/Latte/whatever only with a few oz. less milk to dilute the caffeine.

    If you’re talking about a short cup of drip coffee, that’s different, though. :)

    Just a (hopefully) helpful tip. :)