the weekend with pirates and muppets and a special mouse

… I just woke up from an exhausting but fun weekend in Southern California with my mom (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!) that was spent at
Disneyland and the D23 Expo. Essentially imagine a ComicCon experience for the Disney fan… with everything from new collectibles to park ride revelations to bridal gowns to new furniture and kids playhouses. I’ll share a bit more about the experience tomorrow (when I can load up photos and videos and such), but for now, can I just simply brag about what happened yesterday… ?

I kissed 3 Muppets!

That would be Gonzo, Fozzie & Pepe (Kermit was at the VMAs) … and yes… they were fully animated at the time.

… and while I gave out kisses, my mom got to receive them for her birthday.

Definite highlight of the weekend… and judging from how many people waited the almost 2 hours to do the same thing I did… it was a huge deal to lots of others as well!