sweater weather

The co-eds are all bundled in their letter sweatshirts and UGGs are popping up on the feet. The signs of fall are here in Northern California, which is a welcome relief from the 22 100+ degree days here this summer. I’m sure that signs of an Indian summer might pop up here and there in October, but for now, I’m excited about the change in the seasons.

Being pregnant, I’ve realized that looking for clothes is a lot more fun, since I can’t really buy anything cute that I want. Nope… instead I look at all the cute stuff, then ignore it, and try to stuff my ever-expanding belly into things from my closet. We’re getting to the 1/2-way mark in a few days, and I have to stop denying my status and invest in some short-term clothing in order to survive. In the meantime, here are some of the cute sweaters I’ve found while searching online that I only wish could be in my wardrobe this year:

Old Navy: Cable-Knit V-Neck $25, Swing Coat $30 (passes the maternity clothes test!), Long Button-Front Sweater Coat, $44.50

Gap: cozy turtleneck sweater $39.50, cowlneck sweater $49.50, one-button cardigan (another one that works!) $58

Striped Essential Cashmere-Silk CardiganTextured Crewneck Sweater


  • virginia

    I thought it’d be so fun to shop for maternity clothes, but I’ve found it dismaying to HAVE to buy things because nothing else fits! :) Also I’m a cheapskate and I feel silly buying things for mere months of use. But, I’d love this same post w/ maternity sweater options if you find any — which I’m sure you will w/ your great taste! Hope all is going well Kim!!

  • TikiBird

    Your post reminded me, I was wearing a “maternity” sweater yesterday, and I felt so scandalous. I think I might just have to cut the tag out.

    Also, I just had to comment on your update about the Vipp can: I LOVED that can, and was trying my best to convince your cousin that we NEEDED it for our diaper pail. It didn’t work. But we did get a Simple Human one for it. LOL