instantly old and uncool

This weekend… at the UCLA v. Stanford football game (shhh! I know we lost! Our backup QB is, well, um, worse than most high school freshman QBs? I don’t know what to say, it was embarassing. That’s all I’ve got.)…  we passed lots of undergrad/recent grad tailgates in the parking lots. Two parties were separately rocking out to a pop song playing on the radio – a song I hadn’t heard before. But these girls were “woo-ing” and just plain amped-up to dance along to the music, so it was obviously something cool that I was missing out on. I asked Mr M., the musically cool one in the marriage, what song it was, and he had no idea either.

Fast forward 15 minutes, and I find myself washing my hands in the bathroom where the Spirit Squad is primping for the game. Suddenly I hear the same tune, but this time it’s one coming from the iphone of a dance team member. Suddenly, “Oh my god! I LOVE that song!” rings out from the chorus of girls holding flat irons, and I’m feeling completely lost at this point. I tell Mr. M what happened, and his reply is simply, “That’s a sign that we’re old and uncool.”

We went the rest of the day without hearing the song again, but this morning, as I flipped away from NPR’s weather report to find some music, and guess what I heard?

20 seconds later, my handy Shazam told me what we were missing out on:

Miley in short shorts singing a song that co-eds love? Yeah… we’re old and uncool. (But now this song is soooooo stuck in my head!)


  • Rhey

    I realized I was “old and uncool” several years ago, but I seem to be ahead of the curve on this one, I’ve actually heard this! Score one for me! :)

  • Cathleya

    Haha. I like Miley Cyrus but I am old enough to be really embarrassed about it. Also, I’ve never heard this song. In my defense, Miley is banned in the Bay Area. There’s not an appropriate radio station for this. Tweens not allowed in the Bay Area!!!

    Funny enough, I clicked on the video to listen to the song and she talks about listrening to britney and Jay-Z, which is what we listened to when we were in college… right? I just remember a LOT of Eminem and Dr. Dre. A LOT. And the Thong Song! :)

    • kimberly michelle

      It’s like Miley ripped off our college experience and just took it for her own! Then again, she wasn’t talking about 50 Cent, so at least a few years are saved right there. But man… Britney and date parties… man oh man.

  • talda

    i will admit that i never heard of this song before i read this earlier. then i get into my car, a mere 2 hours later and guess what’s playing on the radio? yup, this song. lol.

  • Michelle

    In my opinion, I think you are uncool if you LIKE this song! Sorry, C!!!

    106.5 is now a 90’s station which plays plenty of Dr. Dre, Snoop, Tupac and yes, even The Thong Song. I heart the 90’s

  • Kim

    I’ve never heard this song, but seeing Miley “movin her hips like yeah” makes me feel uncomfortable. The song’s catchy though.