a new craft adventure!

[the pottery area of the “craft center”]

Tonight is the first night of my new “craft center” adventures! Here, on the campus that I work at, there’s an amazing place where students/faculty/staff/community members can enroll in courses in everything from pottery to stained glass to knitting! The center is essentially a craft haven… available 8am-10pm pretty much every single day of the term. If you enroll in a class, you not only get to use the area during that time, but you have a pass to come in whenever you want to work as well! And in later terms, you can revisit for a small usage fee instead of taking another class!

I figured that this time was as good as any to jump in and renew some areas of my crafting. I mean, who knows what post-February life will be like for me… and what my ability to expand my learning opportunities will be! Tonight’s adventure: screenprinting! Now, I love to “ghetto print” at home, but I’m thinking that combining my skills with the equipment in the studio will make everything much better! The extra room to play around certainly won’t hurt at all either. Next week, my sewing class begins, which will hopefully get me in the mood for making lots of ridiculously cute baby stuff. I can just imagine the holiday presents that I’ll be thinking about creating with these two skills combined!


  • brooke @ claremont road

    Wow, that sounds awesome! I often miss having a spacious screen-printing studio to work in… it was my absolute favorite studio class in college. My Gocco can only satisfy my urge to print so much! Have fun and show us what you make :-)

  • Ryn

    oohhh…I’m jealous! =) I just looked at the schedule of classes and there are a ton I’d love to take. Too bad it is just a little too far for the time slots available. Have fun!

  • jazestar

    Oh, I love the Craft Center. I immediately recognize the place because I used to volunteer then later work as at the summer day camp when I was a student almost a decade ago. Oh, I miss it.