martha stewart & ford cares giveaway!

On today’s “The Martha Stewart Show,” a special episode will air to raise breast cancer awareness and to support the Ford Warriors in Pink program. Martha is hosting a special studio audience of “Warriors” — people who have been touched by breast cancer just for the show. It’ll feature segments on reducing your risk of breast cancer as well as cancer-fighting recipes. And to further her commitment to the cause, Martha helped design a special set of stamps ($32) to be sold at as a part of their Warriors in Pink merchandise program. Each stamp features one of Ford’s “Symbols of a Warrior,” evoking themes of peace, healing and strength in the battle against breast cancer. If you’re not already aware, 100% off all net proceeds (aka. Total Price – Actual Item Cost) from goes to Susan G. Komen for the Cure — so it’s always the perfect gift spot to shop if you’re looking for something that will make a difference in this fight (and everything is super cute too!).

I’m honored today to be able to give away FIVE SETS of these special stamps, thanks to Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, to lucky winners who comment below. I’ll announce the winners on Monday – so everyone that comments through the weekend is eligible. If you’d like… simply create a “shout out” for a warrior that you know in your life… or for anyone you know that is a champion in the fight against cancer. There’s no requirements for it to win the giveaway, but I think it’d make for an empowering October just to see such recognition in one little comment thread!

Stamp Kit by you.Stamps by you.

Best of luck — and be sure to check out Martha’s show today [check your local listings for times — and shame on you for not knowing when it’s on!!!!]


  • Ryn

    These are so great! I recently lost an Aunt to cancer and have another Aunt that has been bravely battling bouts of cancer for over 20 years. They are both warriors in my eyes and they both inspire me and encourage me to not let fear get in the way of living with dignity and courage.

  • Bethany

    Aw, sweet (and the stamp is actually really cool). I’ve watched a friend/co-worker go through breast cancer recently. She’s cancer free and doing great, by the way.

  • talda

    this is a great giveaway! i’d like to shout out my friend and coworker e who has bounced back wonderfully from breast cancer and is now a two year survivor.

  • Ashley

    Shout out to my grandmother, a survivor since 2001; my great-aunt Helen, who has just been re-diagnosed after an 8 year remission; and a former co-worker of my mother’s, who is battling cancer for the second time in 4 years. Thank you for raising awareness!

  • judy gamby

    I lost my Mom to breast cancer 45 years ago. I was 7 years old. I would want to think that if I did have a Mom, she would be like Martha Stewart. I’ve learned so much from watching the show. I am a part of Army of women, and have talked a lot of people into signing up. Judy

  • WineCountryWife

    Those are very cute! Love them.

    Here’s a shout out to my favorite teacher who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004, and is now in remission. She has been a huge inspiration for my life, and SO many others with the way she has so bravely fought the cancer, and not let take over her life, but instead she fought it and overcame it. She is a strong and amazing woman!

  • Lucy

    I want to shout out to Kristin, whose mom was diagnosed with a very aggressive strain of cancer while we were co-workers. The love and determination that family shows has been such an inspiration to me!!!

  • Julie S.

    This comment is in honor of a friend, who was just told she had 2 weeks to 3 months. Her little girl will be 1 in February, and it is just heartbreaking. She is a warrior in my eyes!

  • Evelyn

    One of my high school friends lost her mom to breast cancer two years ago this month. All through high school and through the last year of college I watched her unbelievable strength in dealing with her mom’s illness, and it’s because of her that breast cancer awareness has become important to me!

  • Stephanie

    Shout out to all warriors out there, in particular my grandmother and a dear family friend who have both been battling breast cancer the past couple of years.

  • Michelle Bernardini

    I’ll give a huge shout out to my ex-co workers. True warriors in the field of breast cancer research who give up their lives to search for a cure (for very little pay and at a very frenetic work pace)!

  • Aliya

    Shout out to my great grandma, who died of breast cancer and whom I never met. Glad we’re recognizing this disease and fighting back!

  • Deborah Altemose

    I am a breast cancer survivor. My left nipple inverted . It did not show up on my mammo, no lump, no discharge, and no pain. It is a major sign of breast cancer. Tell your friends. I had a masectomy and am taking Tomoxifen for 5 years. I am lucky! Thank you for your help in curing breast cancer.

  • Julie

    I’d like to give a shout out to everyone I work with fighting to CURE cancer! My fellow graduate students and post-docs work 80+ hours/week in the lab for WELL under minimum wage, many are in long-distance relationships and marriages, rarely see their own children because they work so hard, many are endlessly frustrated and miserable, but none are willingly to give up because they are all SO DEDICATED to their research in working towards finding a cure for cancer!

  • christi

    shout out to my cousin Diane, a friend’s friend in NZ who was just diagnosed and a friend who is scheduled for a biopsy today

  • Amanda

    I think I might be too late! But, I’d still like to give a shout out to all the researchers at my college who are doing amazing work finding a cure for breast and pancreatic cancer!

  • t diaz

    yep i think i’m too late too, but i’d like to give myself a shout out for being a crazy sexy cancer goddess warrior who will be there for the long haul for my little boy :)