attack of the cankles

Lots of people like to write about the joys and wonders of pregnancy. You have to admit that fluttering kicks in the belly are pretty cool and being unable to see your toes when you look down is quite a silly shock every day. But yesterday, one of those crazy downsides appeared from pregnancy: cankles.

Now I’ve always thought I had very nice ankles… with some nice legs and feet to go along with them. As a Californian, I wear sandals year-round and never thought twice about what was showing down there. That is, until I felt some extremely bad pain in my feet yesterday and shoved them over towards Mr. M with a plea of help as we sat on the couch. He started rubbing them out of pity, and then noticed the swollen ankle. “Holy cankles Batman!” I looked down and saw no ankle. It was gone. Completely disappeared from sight and was enveloped in a padded mess of skin and watery puffed up bloat. I seriously think I felt tears well up in my eyes… because while I expected my belly to swell and my body to change, I’ve really never ever imagined having cankles…. ever.

I was dutifully instructed to elevate my feet for the rest of the night, but alas, those puppies are back in force today… and I’m pretty sure they won’t be going anywhere soon. I’m sure there’s a laundry list of other crazy things that will happen to my body as Baby M continues to grow (week 25 is almost over!) but I don’t think I’d be ready for them even if I read it in a list 100x over. I still feel like there’s an alien in my belly and it’s just ready to pop out in a not-so-normal way at any given time.

So little Baby M… just to let you know… mommy loves you… but I’d like my ankles back please?  Thank goodness it’s socks/boots weather!