invitations for all sample (sales)

Today’s USA Today had an interesting story on the effect of online sample sales on the new retail habits of consumers. It looks like I could be a person of interest in the story, as I’m guilty of checking my email daily at 8am for what is going on sale that morning… and often spending a few minutes “browsing the racks” just to see if there isn’t a bargain I’m missing out on. And when there is something that I want, the 10 minute buying clock makes me go crazy, and I often just snatch up everything I’m thinking about and put it in my cart “just in case” I want to buy it… because if I don’t it might be gone before I know it!

I can see how easily one could get caught up in spending fever online each morning, and how dangerous it could be for overspenders. Yet, on the other hand, I adore that I have access to great prices on merchandise that I wouldn’t be able to find at Off 5th or Nordstrom’s Rack even if I stalked their inventory daily. Just seeing coveted items for low prices makes me happy, even if I’m never the one buying them. :)

One of the other key points from the article mentions the allure of exclusivity that “invitation only” sites promote. In all honesty, I think it’s lame, because it keeps people out… or just makes them google around for a link to join the site. But just in case you don’t already subscribe to these sites, I’ve listed all of the invite links I have below in one location. I mean, who am I to keep anyone away from a bargain before the holidays arrive! – invitation link to join – invitiation link to join — Invitation to Join  ($10 credit for your account until Dec. 24th)

(another baby sample sale site) — Invitation to Join

Billion Dollar Babes — Invitation to Join

Beyond the Rack — Invitation to Join

Haute Look

Hautelook — Invitation to Join


ideeli — Invitation to Join

Hope you enjoy your 15-minute daily shopping break as much as I do!