avatar: your thoughts?
I saw Avatar during opening weekend… and “only” saw it in 3-D. Mr. M returned later during the holidays to see a reprise in IMAX 3-D (which was declared ultimately much cooler than normal 3-D). I left the theater being impressed with the visuals, but with a feeling akin to that of my post-Titanic experience. You see, I was one of the the people the theater hoping that Leo would sink into the ocean (I mean, I felt horrible for Kate, but I really loathe Leo and the movie was so long that I couldn’t take anymore, and we all knew what was going to happen so I just wanted it all to end) while everyone else in the place was crying. James Cameron’s stories just don’t do it for me, and I can’t put my finger on exactly why. But when I heard this story on NPR yesterday morning, it really resonated with me:

“Admit it: If you’ve seen Avatar, weren’t you sort of overwhelmed by how everything in the story has been in some other movie? Pocahontas, The Last of the Mohicans, the Smurfs. (OMG, we love the Smurfs.) It’s like some unholy mashup of those movies, plus bits of Wall-E, Thundercats, Dances with Wolves, The Last Samurai, Lawrence of Arabia — every colonialist fantasy in which an Outsider Saves Natives, or Outsider Wants to Be a Native, or better yet Outsider Wants to Be King OF the Natives. Avatar rips off every movie in the world but Twilight.

Yes, I was amazed at the visuals, and I totally loved those little floating jellyfish thingys in 3-D (I could find myself saying “oooh” in my head everytime they appeared… like bubbles or something), but I think I’d pass if we had to watch it on our 60-something-inch HDTV. Yet in a way, Avatar made me remember why going to the movies used to be an exciting event… and for that I’d like to thank Mr. Cameron immensely. Even if 3-D TVs are coming to a home theater near you in the future, I know it won’t be the same as sitting in a packed theater house with hundreds of other people waiting for the images to appear on screen like they did last month.
So what did you think? Did you want to sing, “Colors of the Wind” during the intro Na’Vi world? Did you have to consciously keep your jaw closed (this is Mr. M btw)? Or were you mad the 3-D glasses were an extra cost with your ticket?


  • Tiffany

    I am so glad to hear someone else’s perspective that wasn’t that it was the BEST movie! I thought the graphics were cool (I saw it in “regular” 3D), but the story was kinda blah. Now that you say it, it does just seem like a mixture of other story lines. I also feel like it being in 3D was just a gimmick, but I guess 3D is the new thing.

  • tina

    I didn’t think it was the best plot. But the graphics were amazing. I didn’t think it was to long. I didn’t even notice the time. I was completely entranced by the visuals. I’m a fantasy junkie.

    Like I said it wasn’t the best movie, but I don’t have anything to complain about it either. Story lines aren’t that original anymore. Did it seem like a mash up? Nope. It’s completely a visual thing. A a vividly beautiful world to escape to for a few hours (2.5?).

  • Laura D.

    I saw it in “Real” 3-D. I was so nervous about seeing a 3-D movie, the thought made me nauseous. and after the experience I can honestly say I can do without 3-D movies. I know I’m in the minority, but they make me feel claustrophobic and paniac-y. John wanted to see it so bad, so eventually, I gave in and went. Add in a BAD story line and a way too long movie and it was akin to torture for me. At least I had some popcorn!

    Now they need to work on the technology that allows the movie to be 3D with glasses but NOT blurry without the glasses and we can both be happy.

    But I will admit that this movie is likely to make some type of history similar to the first movie with sound, first color movie, etc.

  • talda

    i thought it was good. it’s a beautiful movie but my goodness, why did it have to be sooo long and repetitious? how long did we have to see him try to learn the way of the na’vi? i actually said, “when is this movie going to start already?” because i was there for the action, which sadly, was in the last 40 minutes of the movie. i waited 2 hours for 40 minutes. that’s not an equal exchange mr. cameron.

    and yes, i am mad that i spent $3 extra for regular 3-d. my nephew actually took off his glasses halfway through!