Why AAA is a pregnant lady’s best friend

When you are pregnant, your life turns into an account of events that are either highly cliche or completely bizzare. It’s just how it works out. You can end up hungry as a bear, sick as a dog, dead tired or full of energy, with either perfect or messed up skin while you gain next-to-nothing or a ton. And since you’re going through something so common as pregnancy, whatever happens during this period of time will forever be linked to “when you were pregnant.”
And for that, I shall tell you, when you are pregnant — you should have AAA Emergency Road Service (or something like it) because if something is likely to happen to your car, it’s probably really likely to happen while you’re pregnant. Now trust me, this is no ad for AAA or kick-back endorsement, but simply a call to make sure that you aren’t stranded on the side of the highway in week 36 with a busted tire/engine/etc. You see, in just the past 4 months, my car has had a punctured tire, the fan belt broke in the middle of the highway, and I’ve locked my keys in my car (at the Dr’s office no less). Now normally any of these things would be annoying, but just imagine having to deal with them during the crazy hormones with a squished bladder and a budget that’s being eaten up by all the silly stuff you need to buy. The simplicity of pulling out a card, calling for service, and knowing that I won’t be charged a penny for my troubles has made all of these incidents so minor that I’m sure I’ll forget about them in the future. If I didn’t have that card… I’m certain people would have been dialing 911 on their cell phones as they pointed out the crazy lady that was crying and tearing her hair out in front of a broken down yellow car.
And you know… having that car protection when you’re transporting a little one isn’t a bad idea either. So thanks AAA for keeping my nerves calm during otherwise crazy car incidents. You’ve definitely minimized my headaches/breakdowns for the better!


  • julie @ duet letterpress

    how odd, i had to call AAA for the first time this weekend. middle of no where and my car loses power on the highway! and it’s dark + cold outside. yikes. thanks to AAA, a tow was there in about 30 minutes. whew.

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