2 week countdown…

Ladies and gents… the time has come where my belly doesn’t get out if its own way even if I ask it to nicely, I can’t recall what purpose a zipper has on pants, and I don’t even think twice about slathering oil all over myself after every shower. The 38-week mark has hit and thanks to modern disability policies, I’ve reached the point where society deems me completely silly to be working anymore and I’ll be doing the rest of my M-F waiting at home.
Looking back, it’s hard to remember back to when I was not pregnant, but I know that time did exist. Let’s see… what exactly did define those 3 trimesters that I’ve been confined to for the past few months:

1st trimester
Discovered the goodness of “preggie pops” and Otter pops and anything else that quelled the nausea
Constant craving: Taco Bell bean burritos
First investment in Bella Bands to keep the bloating in and the pants around my waist
Rediscovered the goodness of a post-dinner nap
Felt good enough to go close up the 1st trimester with some Class IV whitewater rafting
2nd trimester
Sent out our announcement packages to our parents
Pulled the trigger on buying maternity clothes… and finally put on the maternity jeans at Week 22
Revealed the secret to work at week 17 and was relieved that all was well
Discovered the joy of the body pillow
Constant craving: Jamba Juice
Officially became the “preg-opotamus” … watch out when my ears start to wiggle
Got to see the baby for the last time via ultrasound at Week 20 – and kept his/her identity a secret
Experienced cankles for the first time in my life
3rd trimester
Got lots of practice waking up in the middle of the night in preparation for the next ?? years of my life (yes… I’m talking about the testy bladder)
Was showered with love and gifts from friends and family
Constant craving: Clementine oranges
Appetite quelled as the stomach grew
Started “baby class” and work trips/weather soon made us “baby class” dropouts
Tried our best to settle on our 4 name choices… Mr. M decided early and I’m not sure I’m done yet
Kicked the nesting bug into high gear with a nursery overhaul (by Mr. M) and lots of other household improvements
Nickname evolved to “preg-osaurus” and “preg-osaur-opotamus”
Learned how to live with incredibly swollen legs and cankles

And here we are… back at week 38… and wondering what in the heck is in store for the immediate future. Pregnancy has been little more than an incubation of an tiny little spirit and we really can’t wait to see what my enormous belly has been hiding this whole time! And don’t worry… I’ll be blogging/tweeting/hanging out while I wait for that whole “birth” thing to happen… I can only nest on my feet for so long after all!