six recipe cards you should know by heart?

.6 Classic Dishes Everyone Should Know How to Make

StyleCaster recently published a list of six dishes that they think “everyone should know how to make” : chicken noodle soup, meat lasagna, beef stew, roast chicken, chili, and chocolate cake.
I can say I’ve made a variation of all of those dishes minus the chicken (sorry — I’m a rotisserie chicken kinda gal), and the list that they provided is a pretty solid beginning for anyone in the kitchen. But I’m curious… what would your list of top 6 dishes look like???


  • Rhey

    I’m less about knowing how to make a finished dish and more about knowing a process. Every cook should know how to:

    1. Follow a recipe, understanding basic terms like boil, saute, simmer, deglaze, etc.

    2. Make a basic bechamel sauce

    3. Roast vegetables

    4. Use a knife properly and execute basic cutting techniques

    5. Experiment with spices, dried and fresh

    6. Cook dried beans

  • stacey

    i think mine would be:

    1. roasted chicken
    2. beef stew
    3. homemade pizza
    4. chocolate chip cookies
    5. basic biscuit
    6. tomato sauce

    i know/make all but tomato sauce… which i really just don’t like, but i know i should learn. :)

  • Kristin ~ Bien Living

    Chocolate cake would definitely be on my list. As a vegetarian, the other 5 would be:

    1. Pad Thai with Tofu
    2. A simple Indian curry
    3. Macaroni & Cheese
    4. Roasted Vegetables
    5. Lasagna